Friday, June 23, 2006

My first trip to Baltimore!

For my 12 week birthday, Daddy and Mama took me to Baltimore for the first time. They said they love it there so this was the first of many, many times!

You can see the aquarium in this picture. I get to go there when I'm big enough to see all of the fish. For now I have to settle for seeing the outside of it!

Daddy and I got our picture taken in front of LaScala in Little Italy. This where Daddy asked Mama to marry him. I couldn't go in here either! But I did get to go to a gelato shop! Of course, I'm too little to eat gelato so who was this trip really for!!

Even though all we did was walk around and look at the outside of Mama and Daddy's favorite places, we still had a lot of fun! Next year we might come down for an Orioles v. Phillies game - and maybe my friend Logan will meet us there!

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Jen & Ryan said...

I just saw this (finally!), but it's a date! Your little boy is so precious. I can't believe how much he's growing!

Logan says "hi"...