Thursday, April 26, 2007

Not my birthday

There were a lot of birthdays in March - Aunt Tina, Mama, Uncle Christopher, Aunt Shannon, Cousin Davey...and of course me!
Here I am with Mama the day before she turned 24. We have a lot of fun and if you look close you can see my bottom teeth and my top teeth trying to come through!
We wanted to have everyone over for Mama's birthday but it snowed A LOT! So Mommom and Poppop came over the day after Mama's birthday. I was the center of attention when I showed everyone how I can brush my teeth like a big boy!
I got to watch Daddy shovel the snow. That was pretty neat. Next year I'm going to help him. I think I'll be strong enough.
We had a nice cake for Mama. Well, everyone else did. I still was too little for cake. It was a pretty cake but Daddy messed up and put the wrong birthday on it! Mama is 24! Silly Daddy!
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