Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Finally - Birthday Party Pictures!

There were lots and lots of duckies at my party. I love ducks and can say ducks and quack! Tons of people were at my party. I slept through the first part because I new I would need a lot of energy!

Daddy took me in the moonbounce. That was a lot of fun! Uncle Christoper and Aunt Tina sure are pretty cool to be related to! They brought the moonbounce AND a popcorn machine! Of course, I wasn't allowed to have popcorn yet. But maybe next year!
What!?! More cake! I thought I told you I wanted peas and cheerios!
The next day Alyssa and Lindsey came back to help us eat the rest of the food. We got to play a lot more before they went back to NY.
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