Wednesday, June 27, 2007


On May 2 Mama and Daddy woke me up really really early because of a trip to Disney World! Boy was I excited to get up so early and go see Mickey and Donald!

But then I couldn't believe it! Mama and Daddy told me that THEY were going to Disney, and I had to stay behind in PA! What!?!? Why can't I go? And if I'm not going why the heck did they wake me up so early!
Okay, Mom and Dad, you go to Disney without your little snugglebug. But can you at least change my diaper first??!!
Wait, what did you say? I'm spending my vacation with Mommom and Popppop and then with Memom and Dada? Now we are talking!! That's worth getting up this early for!! Let's go!
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