Wednesday, June 27, 2007

My new hobby...

Guess what I do now! I go for bike rides. I got this cool helmet from Aunt was just a little too big for me for this year.

When Daddy first put my helmet on me and put me in my bike seat, boy was I unhappy! I didn't like the helmet or being strapped in!
But later that day, Mama came home and we went for another ride. I was a little happier when we rode to the park and I played on the monkey bars. I couldn't take off my helmet because I would cry if I had to put it back on! I did like climbing. I think I saw Memom's house from way up there!
The next day we went to the bike store and I got a bike helmet that fits me much better. I will save the other one for next year. Now I love riding bikes. Ask who wants to go for a ride and I'm the first one to raise my hand!
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