Thursday, July 30, 2009

Connor's first Crit July 11, 2009

After lots of practicing riding, Connor participated in his first Crit this month. The IronHill Criterium in West Chester has a childrens heat between the amateurs and the pros. Connor rode his 'Caillou' bike (it looks like Caillou's) right up Gay Street! Here he is putting in a few warm-up laps.

After we met up with Memom & Dada, it was time for Connor to line up and get ready....Then he was off!

As he crossed the finish line, he was handed a soft pretzel and a medal. The pretzel was much more exciting to him then the medal! But check out that rider number!

With a mouth full of pretzel, Connor showed off his medal. And of course he offered to share his pretzel with everyone. Who knows, maybe in a few years he'll be riding down the shore with us!
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