Sunday, July 12, 2009

'What those seagulls doing?'

One of the most exciting parts of our beach trip was watching seagulls eat something other than french fries! We didn't see this one take the crab from the water but we watched him fly with it and drop it up by the boardwalk. The crab started digging into the sand so the seagul flipped it over so it couldn't escape.

We went up pretty close to the crab and the seagulls yelled at us to back off!

Connor loved watching the seagulls as they stood guard over the crab.

Finally the seagulls were brave enough to go back over to the crab. Our best guess is that they waited for the little claws to stop grabbing. Doesn't it look like the the seagulls are discussing their lunch!?

After watching the seagulls with their lunch, Connor decided it was his mission to make sure no seagulls were on the boardwalk for the rest of the weekend!
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