Thursday, December 31, 2009

What happened to October?

Minutes before we left for Harris' Christening on 10/18, I lost our media card - our ONLY media card. I'm pretty sure I dropped it in the trash. Funny because I did the same to my cell phone a few months after Connor was born. So, I had to ask others to share pictures and I didn't get all that I wanted...Here are a few:

We had a beautiful day on Strubble Trail. Can't get enough of that place in the fall.
We took the train into Phila with our good buddy Colin to see a Disney exhibit. Tons of cute pics of Connor & Colin (holding hands,hugging!) but I haven't had a chance to ask Colin's mama if I can post them yet. She has been a little busy lately!
Baby Bob BOO! showed up on Halloween....Along with Super Why and his Super Readers!

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