Thursday, January 07, 2010

5 months old!

Harris is five months old today! (Connor flashback)

Harris has discovered his tongue, likes to talk baby talk, LOVES toys (Connor pretty much ignored them at this age), and has tried baby cereal and carrots. If we don't get the cereal to his mouth fast enough, he hits the bowl!

Harris may love his toys and his food but his FAVORITE thing of all is Connor. Harris watches everything Connor does and most of the time can be cheered up just by Connor talking to him. Of course, if Harris is loud enough, Connor gets frustrated with the crying and leaves the room! Oh, Harris cries A LOT more than Connor did at this age. Harris wakes up angry most of the time - usually because he is hungry. And he doesn't calm down until the food is in his mouth! (His G6PD D causes a fast metabolism that could be the reason for the angry hunger!)

Harris and his Mama have a lot in common - if we're hungry, we're mad. If we're tired and not in bed, we're mad. 8-)
Harris already loves reading books. He is not happy unless he can see the pages and then he will sit and pay attention to book after book. We try to bring Harris in to Connor's nighttime stories each day.
Slowly our little guy is becoming ticklish and sometimes when he is playing by himself on his tummytime mat or in his swing, he laughs out loud! And of course he loves to snuggle. He sleeps on his belly in the crib for most of the night but around 5 AM he comes into our room and snuggles back to sleep. Harris still wakes up once a night - Connor slept 12 hours straight through by this age. (And Connor still loves his sleep, almost 4 and still takes a 2-3 hour nap everyday.)

Did I mention the drool? We did not experience this with Connor! No teeth yet but could this be the start?

So, our boys are little opposites! Well, except for all the love they get! Happy 5 months Harris!
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