Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Connor at 4 and a half!

Connor might just be picking up a few things from his Mama. Not sure if that is good or bad - you decide!
Last night while vacuuming the kitchen after dinner (yes, my 4 year old has chores), he said to his brother 'Harry, if you didn't throw chicken on the floor, I wouldn't have to vacuum. Don't throw chicken on the floor, Harris!'
Then this morning he ran outside to check out the damage to the car (small fender-bender, everyone okay). Before he went out (just for a minute), he said to me 'When I come back here my grilled cheese better be ready and all of my toys that need new batteries better have new batteries!' ha ha ha
And here is my biggest throwing a fit on the steps of the Natural History Museum in DC because he was only allowed to buy two animals and not three and he REALLY wanted what Harris had. Although, this part of the post really isn't anything like his Mama at all! I never second guess myself! ha ha ha Or throw fits!

I can't end this post without telling you that while I am typing it, Connor has spent 5 minutes on his tip-toes cleaning his lunch dish at the kitchen sink! This is not a chore, this is what he wanted to do. Fabulous!

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