Friday, October 15, 2010

Tired and busy

I forgot how exhausting it can be having a newborn in the house. Brewer is 11 weeks old today and I think I'm finally starting to crash. But there is no 'sleep while the baby sleeps' when there are 3 kids in the house! But I wouldn't trade it for anything!

Mike gets home from work, helps with dinner, cleans the kitchen while I feed Brewer and then puts Connor and Harris to bed. In between all of that we squeeze in a family walk or game or storytime. So, he is exhausted also! But before we know it Brewer will be bigger and not need to eat as frequently and we will settle into our 'new normal.' In the meantime, the house will be a mess but who cares at this point!
This means we won't be updating the blog as frequently...not that we were getting around to it much anyway. But I will still post pictures. I just started a photography course and each week we have a homework assingment. So, you will get to see the kids growing through the homework. Probably not a whole lot of words to go along with them for a little bit. Here are the most recent pics of these beauties!

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