Monday, August 31, 2009


On Thursday 8/20, Harris' hemoglobin dropped dangerously low to 7.9 and we had to take him to DuPont for a blood transfusion. Mike left work for home while I packed our bags. Here is little Harris ready to go to the hosptial - oblivous to the situation.

Our very good big boy was taking a nap while I got ready. We had to wake him up to leave and as always, he was pleasant as can be. We told him what was going on and that he was going to Mommom's for a sleepover and he picked out a bunch of books to take with him! Can't go anywhere without his books and his laptop! (Just like Mommy! he he!)

At DuPont, Harris was put on a bili-bed (for his jaundice) and had MORE blood taken and an IV put in. Poor guy has been stuck more times then we can even count! At midnight, the blood was finally ready and our B Positive received a bag of O blood. Since the IV was already in, Harris slept and nursed right through the blood transfusion without feeling a thing. Bloodwork on Friday showed that his hemoglobin had risen to over 10 but his potassium levels were high. High potassium can cause heart problems and within minutes there was a room full of people including an ICU doctor ready to transfer Harris. I didn't want to hear the crying from the new bloodwork that was needed so I left the room and prayed that the high potassium was a false reading. When I returned a few minutes later, it was confirmed that the high reading was a false reading - 3 additional tests were done to confirm. Thank you God!

Friday afternoon Harris was discharged with orders for more bloodwork in a few days. The visiting nurse resumed her visits and by Wednesday, Harris' jaundice was gone and the wallaby bili-blanket were removed. We now take Harris for bloodwork about 2x/wk and as of today (8/31), his hemoglobin is stable. On Wednesday he has an outpatient appt at DuPont. The doctors still don't know what is causing his hemalysis (breaking down of the red blood cells) but once he begins creating his own red bloodcells, the problem will likely reverse on its own. In the meantime, lots of bloodwork and hopefully no more transfusions!
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