Sunday, September 06, 2009


Harris will be one month old tomorrow. That is one month of being shuffled between grandparents, doctor visits, and hospitals for Connor. This is much harder on a 3 year old then it is on an infant and we expect Connor to be tired, cranky, and a little more mischevious because of this unexpected and quick change in his very comfy life. But Connor has been just the opposite...he has been a great helper, comforter, and his normal, happy self, even when he has to share the attention with his little brother!
Connor has acted out a few times and if I have been nursing, it isn't easy to be consistant with making sure time-outs are used as they always have been. But I am doing my best and honestly, the acting out has not been what I had been warned about and prepared myself for. I think being prepared for the worst has helped us to get through with the little sleep Mike and I have been getting!
Connor is the best big brother - he gives lots of hugs and kisses and if Harris cries, Connor talks to him or sings to him to help him to calm down! Connor was the only one that saw Harris roll over for the very first time (belly to back) at just 19 days old. Here is a picture of the 2 of them right after Harris rolled over the first time (8/26/09). Harris continues to roll over almost everytime we put him down for some tummy-time.
Connor's number one favorite thing to do is to mow the lawn, use the weedwhacker and the leaf blower. Of course, he does not use the real ones (not that we even have them!). His leaf blower is an empty papertowel roll and he loves it. (Who needs to buy toys!?) He also still loves to 'mix' and he got to mix up some yummy brownies when Aunt Beky came to visit.
Connor still tries to sneak into our room in the middle of the night. The first time he did that since Harris has been home, he woke up with me each time Harris woke up and tried to help me comfort Harris. Connor refused to sleep as long as Harris and I were awake. Since then, we take him back to his room and tell him to come back when the sun is up so there aren't more of us up in the middle of the night! Connor comes in at dawn and reads the numbers on the clock for me to let me know the time and that the sun is up! Who needs an alarm clock!?
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