Friday, February 12, 2010

August 2010 - lots of plans!

August of this year is starting to look like a very busy month! Here is a look:

- Beky & Dan's Michigan wedding reception for a week (this has since been canceled so we will have to celebrate
extra at reception here in June!)

- August will be Connor's last month before preschool! How exciting! He talks about preschool almost every single day and has even asked when he can go look at his kindergarten!

- Harris will turn ONE in August! I already have a G6pD safe cake recipe and I have a feeling Harris will like Cake much more than Connor did on his first birthday!

Here are the boys on Harris' 6 month birthday

OH, YEAH one other thing that will keep us busy in August: Harris will become a big brother! Connor has already let him try on his Big Bro' shirt! Connor was very excited with the news but not until after we explained that this new baby was in addition to Harris - not replacing him!

You read that right, our family has been blessed with a new little one due to arrive August 12. Drs have told us that it's a good bet that this one will arrive a little early just like his/her big brothers! But we aren't going to count on it! 8-)
And for those of you keeping track, yes this is 5 pregnancies in 5 years. Two boys to snuggle everyday, two girls at home with God, and new life growing bigger and stronger in a safe, warm place.

WE ARE BLESSED! (and tired, he he!)
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