Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Old San Juan

The original plan was to get a rental car for 2 days while in San Juan. One day for a trip in Old San Juan and one day for a trip to the rainforest. After one day in Old San Juan, we loved it so much we decided to rent the car for 3 days and have 2 days in Old San Juan and 1 day in the rainforest. (never made it to the rainforest - Connor got sick the night before. Too much fun & sun!)
Mike & Connor at the Old San Juan city wall. It is 22 feet thick.

Next is the view from San Cristobal, one of the 2 forts we visited. AMAZING views. San Cristobal has a dungeoun that we got to explore. I tried to get pics of Connor behind bars but he was too afraid he would be stuck there!

This is a view from the other, bigger Fort - El Morro. If it wasn't 90 degrees with a blazing sun, I could have looked at that view for hours. This is the Atlantic Ocean.

And here is Connor playing on some canonballs!

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