Thursday, June 24, 2010

Baby Romeo Update - 33 weeks

Since I have no belly pictures yet (that will change this weekend!), I decided to use this ancient picture of the day Connor came home from the hospital! He was so little - below 6 pounds at this point. He sure did catch up, huh!

Baby Romeo is doing just fine at 33 wks. My belly is the right size and he is 'head-down.' Not that that matters for a scheduled C-section!

As of right now, the c-section is scheduled for August 9 but I think we are looking at a July baby. Somewhere between July 19th and July 24th, maybe? But maybe Little Romeo will surprise and be an August baby.

This baby has actually been easier to carry that Harris was which really surprises me. My leg pain is not constant yet and I'm sure it was already with Harris. Plus, I don't need to nap everyday! Most days, yes, but not everyday!

Romeo? No, we are not really naming him Romeo! That is just what we are calling him until he does have a name. Hopefully we will agree on a name before he comes home from the hospital! Suggestions are welcome!

Romeo's clothes are all hung up nice and neat in Harris' closet. Mike put up a second rack so there would be enough room. And, WOW! This kid will be able to change outfits every 10 minutes for the first 3 months! So many tiny baby clothes!

So many friends and family have been so generous! We have been given crib sheets, a crib, a double stroller, a crib mattress, clothes... We are so thankful!
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