Monday, June 14, 2010

Update on the boys

These two are still best buddies & Harris thinks Connor does no wrong - even if it is painful! We have had some hot-hot days and playing in the water makes everyone happy! Here is Harris standing at the water table for about 45 minutes at only 10 months old!

And what a good time he had splashing himself! I rescued him from Connor dumping cups of cold water on his head!

Connor has shown a lot more interest in playing a lot of sports lately - golf, baseball, soccer. We believe he is left-handed in sports which means it might be a challenge for us to teach him some things. He has also been practicing riding his bike - with no training wheels. He'll be taking off in no time! And he has started playing soccer with some other friends his age at a local sports center. He likes to be fast!
Here are the best buddies! Harris is only chewing on his thumb!
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