Tuesday, July 20, 2010

G6pD update

In April, Connor got croup - bad. Poor guy swallowed a dime one day and the next day had croup. But he recovered very nicely. And what a sweetheart he was by trying hard to stay away from Harris in hopes that he didn't get sick. Well, keeping their germs separate is just impossible no matter how hard we try (these boys can't get enough of each other!)

Harris started feeling sick in the morning and by the end of the day his fever was 104.3! We managed to get things under control but after a few days of being sick, he stopped eating, got cranky, and started to look pale. A trip to the children's hospital for blood work showed that his hemoglobin had dropped to 6.2 - very low even for Harris who mostly stays between 8.7 and 9.7 The drop was triggered by the infection and fever. So our little vampire got a blood transfusion.

We were lucky enough to be able to have the procedure be outpatient but that meant that we were in a room with recliners full of other children receiving transfusions or chemotherapy. Harris needed to sleep so a nice nurse found us a room off to the side and Mike managed to get Harris to sleep through most of the transfusion which took about 2.5 hours. (100CCs of O).

Harris had blood work several times over the next few weeks and his levels climbed and have remained strong. Last test he was at 9.7. He had a check-up with the hematologist recently and while his spleen is enlarged, it is within the limits that are healthy for a G6pD patient.

We are so blessed to have a baby with G6pD and realize this every time we visit the children's hospital. On one trip we met a sweet 2 year old with cancer who could name all of her doctors. I can't imagine the emotions those parents must have.

So, HarBar is doing fabulously well. He is army crawling his way around the house and is slowly starting to climb (uh oh!). I'm pretty sure he hasn't turned down any food yet - seems to like everything! And we are learning how to survive in a legume-free home. Well, I guess I'm learning to survive. No one else seems to be an addict quite like me!

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